Age Of Empires Cheats

Cheat Result
BIGDADDY Gives Winsett's Z - sports car with rocket launcher
BIG MOMMA Gives Winsett's other Z - sports car with rocket launcher
CONVERT THIS! Gives St Francis - Priest who attacks with lightning
POW Gives Baby Prez - baby on a tricycle with a large gun
STORMBILLY Gives Zug_209 - mechwarrior which fires lasers at the enemy
PHOTON MAN Gives Nuke Trooper - soldier with laser
E=MC2 TROOPER Gives Nuke Trooper - soldier with nuclear missile
BIG BERTHA Changes Catapults into Big Berthas - increased range and greater damage radius
BLACK RIDER Changes Heavy Horse Archers into Black Riders
DARK RAIN Changes Composite Bowmen into Stealth Archers - Look like trees when stopped
FLYING DUTCHMAN Juggernaughts turn into Flying Dutchmen - Can sail on land
HOYOHOYO Gives your priests 600 hit points and makes them move very fast
ICBM Increases Ballista range to 100
MEDUSA Changes Villagers into Medusa's
UPSIDFLINTMOBILE Speeds up Chariot movement and fire rate
JACK BE NIMBLE Catapults fire cows or villagers
KING ARTHUR Changes all birds to dragons
GRANTLINKSPENCE Changes animals to kings of their species
PEPPERONI PIZZA Gives you 1000 food
WOODSTOCK Gives you 1000 wood
QUARRY Gives you 1000 stone
COINAGE Gives you 1000 gold
REVEAL MAP Reveals the entire map
NO FOG No fog of war
GAIA Gives control of the animals
STEROIDS Almost instantaneous building
DIEDIEDIE Destroys all units
HARI KARI Destroys all your units
RESIGN You are defeated
HOME RUN You are victorious
KILLx Kills player x