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Campaigns and Scenarios I have designed

AoE/RoR Scenario name Description Size
AoE Just Watch Sit back and watch as the two massive armies fight 15KB
RoR Just Watch (RoR) A Rise of Rome version of the Just Watch scenario with the new units and bigger armies 16KB
RoR The Battle of Wolf 359 A scenario based on the huge battle against the Borg in the Star Trek : The Next Generation episode The Best of Both Worlds 7KB
RoR Feed 5000 men A scenario based (vaguely) on the bible story where Moses fed 5000 men 115KB
AoE Centre battle A fight to capture an artifact in the centre of the map with your large armies 15KB
AoE Spiral A scenario based around a spiral shape 19KB
RoR Conquest of the Isle Starting off with a single unit you must build up a civilisation and conquer a large island 14KB
RoR Armies at War Through the Ages A campaign based upon the trial version campaign Armies at War, A Combat Showcase containing 5 scenarios 129KB

Campaigns and Scenarios from other people

AoE/RoR Scenario name Description Size Author
RoR Prison Camp Escape A large scenario in which you must escape from a prison then build up an army and destroy the enemy 84KB Drew Thomas
RoR The Holy Artifact A scenario where you must recover an artifact from the enemy 11KB Drew Thomas
RoR The Chased Settlers A good scenario where you must flee your land then build up an empire and crush your enemies 9KB Drew Thomas
AoE The Fight for Quink A good campaign (with a strange name!) with 16 scenarios, and a good storyline 317KB Drew Thomas
AoE The Great Matassa Tribe A good campaign featuring nine scenarios, telling the story of a small tribe as it grows 184KB Donald Olivier

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