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Data Crunching - Distributed Computing projects


My data processing is now focussed on Folding@Home, as I think it is a worthwhile project. It involves processing the way in which proteins "fold". This could help find the cure for many diseases, including Alzheimers, cystic fybrosis, BSE etc.

See the official site to find out more and download the client.

I am a member of Team Picard's folding team, though it doesn't have many active members.

See my current statistics, they are steadily increasing.

Now running Folding@Home:
Duron 950Mhz, 768MB, Windows XP


Seti@Home is a distributed computing project, with the object of finding extra-terrestrial life. Anyone with internet access can help, by running a program on their computer to process data collected from radio telescopes.

If you want to join in download the client from the official site.

I don't currently have any computers running Seti@Home, most of my work units were completed on:

Pentium II 350Mhz, Win 98
which takes approx 13 hours 34 minutes per work unit.

I am also a member of Team Picard for Seti@Home.

See my current statistics